The 2021 Coach Whitney Scholarship

Shortly after the founding of Savage Roasters, we were hit with some shocking news that my daughter’s volleyball coach at The NCLA had suddenly passed at the very young age of 29. I remembered watching Coach Whitney Fisher on the court always pushing the girls to be their best. I saw the emotional toll on the girls after her passing and really wanted to do something to keep her memory alive in something she loved. Savage Roasters decided to start a “Coach Whitney Scholarship” for a Senior Female Volleyball player each year. Knowing that it would take time to get off the ground, we guaranteed at least $500 the first year. With little backing Savage Roasters is holding true to our word.

The criteria was to write a 500-word essay explaining how team sports affected them, hobbies, volunteering, and their life goals.

The 20-21 academic year recipient of the very first “Coach Whitney Scholarship” has been playing volleyball since the 4th grade, when she started at YMCA. Since then, she has gone on to play Junior Olympic Volleyball for 10 years and finishing her senior year as Team Captain. She follows in Coach Whitney Fisher’s footsteps as being an encouraging and compassionate leader. In her limited spare time, she volunteers at High Point Regional Hospital and Novant Health, looking to collect as much experience as possible on the path to one day becoming a doctor. This fall she will begin her major in Chemical Engineering while attending North Carolina State University.

Please join me in congratulating @Selah Smith as the 2020-2021 “Coach Whitney Scholarship” winner.

“I am proud to honor Coach Whitney’s memory and it would feel like she is continuing to invest in my future” – Selah

To keep this going Savage Roaster’s could use your help. If you are interested in helping for the 2021-2022 Coach Whitney Scholarship, please send me a message on Facebook or Instagram. Also $4 from each bag with the signature “Coach Whitney” label ( will go directly to the fund for the following year.

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